CCTV Surveillance

There are many reasons a business might decide they require CCTV security systems as part of their security arsenal. They have many benefits, from saving money to increasing safety.

CCTV (or closed circuit television) allows businesses to monitor stock and people remotely, saving money on the staff required to patrol the floor. Both shoppers and staff alike are observed from a distance, which means they don’t feel like they’re being scrutinised. Observations are real-time, so if an incident occurs it can be acted on immediately. Should an alarm be triggered, hidden camera surveillance systems can be set to move into certain positions to record doors/windows/areas, or if an act of theft is spotted staff can be sent to deal with the situation promptly. If the location is isolated or inaccessible, CCTV security systems can monitor remotely to ensure continuity of safety and protection.

With Intellex, businesses can take advantage of simultaneous recording, playback and archiving using state-of-the-art equipment that can integrate with existing technology. Multiple camera images can be recorded directly to the hard drive; no more recycling old VHS tapes and running the risk of recording over footage you might need.

With professional CCTV security systems, businesses can concentrate on providing customers and staff with a safe place to carry out their activities – and should an unfortunate incident occur, recorded footage will ensure that the exact circumstances behind a potential claim will be proven.

CCTV Cameras

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