CCTV Surveillance

You want to install a CCTV Surveillance?

Installation consists of

* CCTV Camera depends upon Your requirement.
* Individual Power supply for Every CCTV Camera.
* CCTV DVR Card Recording means Check your computer Configuration with your Installer.
* CCTV DVR Recording is recommendable for the places viewing through lan connectivity and the customer needs more importance on the recorded data.
* Dvr will not comes with Hard Disk you want to select the Hard Disk Drive depends upon your back up days and Format. H.264 Compression is recommended.
* Wiring if its less than 100mtrs from Dvr to CCTV Camera CCTV 1+3 Cable is recommendable.
* Wiring More than 100mtrs to 300mtrs from DVR to CCTV Camera RG6 with Power Cable is recommendable.
* Wiring More than 300mtrs to 1000mtrs from DVR to CCTV Camera CAT5 Cable with UTP Video Transceiver is recommendable.
* You need Static IP for remote monitoring from anywhere from the world.
* Installation Charge.

Our Surveyors need to visit your Place only to assess the design of the CCTV Video Surveillance that will best fit your needs and give you a competitive quote - not to try and make a sale there and then. We work hard to maintain our high reputation and this is evident by the fact that a lot of our sales come from other customer's recommendations.